About Common Sense Networks

Common Sense Networks, a for-profit affiliate of Common Sense Media and a Public Benefit Corporation, is a media company whose mission is to create and curate safe, age-appropriate and engaging media experiences for kids and families. Committed to “doing good and doing well” and aligning the interests of its business with those of society, Common Sense Networks will create a range of services and content, including streaming video, podcasts and more, with the goal of meeting kids where they are, igniting their passions and setting a new benchmark in children’s digital media. In 2021, Common Sense Networks will introduce Sensical (sensicaltv.com), a free, kid-focused streaming service offering thousands of entertaining, age-appropriate, short-form videos for ages 2-10 that support kids' social, emotional, and cognitive development. Thoughtfully filtering content for quality through a rigorous and proprietary rubric based on the most comprehensive child development research available, the ad-supported service, accessible via an array of streaming devices, smart TV manufacturers and mobile devices (iOS and Android), will be anchored by a branded app and live-streaming channels on all major OTT platforms.

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